All Drivers Traveling into Mexico MUST Purchase an Official Mexico Insurance Policy

Safety and Driving Tips


Before you enter Mexico, be sure to have a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy that is recognized by Mexican authorities! You can purchase an Official Mexico Insurance policy on this site now by clicking on here to Start Your Quote.

After you purchase your policy we suggest that you print two copies of your policy. Keep one in your vehicle and the other on your person. That way if your vehicle were to be stolen you would have your insurance policy with you. Be sure to choose your vehicle value when you get a quote so that you will be covered for theft. If you choose “Liability Only” your policy will cost less but you will not be covered for the value of your vehicle in the event it is stolen. When you choose “Liability Only” you are covered only for the damage you do to others vehicles in the event of an accident.

To prevent your vehicle from being stolen always park in an open area that is clearly visible and has other vehicles around. Just like they are in the US and Canada, steering wheel locks can deter would be thieves.

If possible, avoid driving at night. Roads are sometimes poorly lit which makes driving more dangerous.

Right on red is usually not permitted, unless there is a sign saying that it is (Derecha con Precaucion).

When there is a left turn lane, there will usually be a left turn arrow. Look for 4 lights on the signal. You MUST wait for the left arrow.

Depending on what part of Mexico you will be driving in, watch for livestock on the roadway. Most of the highways do not have fencing to keep livestock off the road and accidents can happen when livestock wander onto the road.

Never pick up hitchhikers! (Which applies in any country of the world)

When traveling any distance there is often a choice of toll roads or free roads. It is well worth the pesos to travel on the toll roads. The toll roads are usually in pristine condition and are often times better than most highways in the U.S. and Canada. The free roads are not as well kept and may have serious potholes.

Just like at home, it is irresponsible, dangerous, and against Mexican law to drive under the influence of alcohol.

In the event of an accident or loss, call the claims number on your policy as soon as possible. Do not leave the country before you have reported the claim to the insurance company.