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Celebrating Christmas in Mexico

Every year thousands of United States citizens hop in their vehicles and head south toward Mexico. Some people are heading down to visit family; others are just looking for a warm holiday getaway. Christmas in Mexico is celebrated quite differently in Mexico than it is in the United States including different traditions, foods, and events. One of the main differences between the two is the length of celebration. For Mexico, the Christmas season begins on December 3 and ends on January 6. Christmas in Mexico mixes religion, culture, and family festivities into a multi-day, grand celebration.

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The Feast of the Virgin Guadalupe starts off the Christmas season on December 3. For nine days Mexican citizens partake in practices of religious devotion. On December 11, many people travel to the basilica of Virgin Guadalupe and celebrate with lights, fireworks and dances in her honor. The celebration ends the next day which is her “feast day.”

Las Posadas are a series of parties that take place throughout the country from December 16-24. This part of the holiday is a favorite of the child citizens of Mexico. On these days, children travel house to house with clay figures of Mary riding a donkey with Joseph and serenade the residents. This act is similar to what we call “Caroling” in the U.S. and symbolizes Mary and Joseph’s quest for a place to stay during Jesus’ birth.

Christmas Eve and Christmas are usually celebrated with family. Much of the town is decorated with poinsettias (also called nochebuena flowers). On Christmas Eve usually people perform the final posada and enjoy a Christmas feast. Some people even attend a midnight mass and enjoy fireworks in celebration of Christmas. Christmas presents are usually opened at midnight.

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Feasts are a big part of Mexican Christmas traditions. For almost every segment of celebration, there is a feast involved. These feats feature many flavorful Mexican dishes. One of the most popular Christmas foods in Mexico is the tamale. Tamales are cornmeal dumplings that are usually wrapped in corn husks and contain meats, cheese, or veggies. The very colorful Ensalada de Noche Buena is another popular dish during Christmas. It contains beets, nuts, lettuce, and other ingredients depending on the chef. Many Mexican feasts also include Turkey. The turkey is native to Mexico and is used in almost every holiday in Mexico.

If you plan on spending Christmas in Mexico, you’re in for a real treat.  The whole season is full of festive celebrations and large feasts. If you plan to drive down to Mexico, be sure to get Mexican Auto Insurance. Your standard auto policy may not cover your vehicle when traveling to Mexico. Mexican Car Insurance protects your car from any liabilities while traveling to Mexico.

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