All Drivers Traveling into Mexico MUST Purchase an Official Mexico Insurance Policy




 All Drivers Traveling into Mexico

MUST Purchase an Official

Mexico Insurance Policy

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Passport and Identification Information


When traveling internationally it is important to carry identification especially when driving in Mexico. 

Different ID is required in different countries, and not every border requires that you show proof of your identity and citizenship. The U.S- Mexico border does require identification however, and has gotten more and more strict since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

This page is here to help our customers better understand what identification documents work for what, and forms of id commonly used to reenter the United States. 



Passport and Passport Card Verdict


Do adults need a passport or passport card to reenter the United States? Yes- you are not required to get the full passport booklet, but you must have one of a short list of documents similar to a passport in order to get back into the country. You absolutely must have a passport if you wish to enter via air.


Do children need a passport or passport card to reenter the United States as a child? No- children can present any of the following: Any proof of citizenship such as birth certificateconsular report of birth abroad, a naturalization certificate, or a Canadian citizenship card.


When entering or reentering the U.S. via land or sea, a passport is recommended but any WHTI- compliant identification will work- which brings us to our next point.


For more information on passports, passport cards, and other forms of identification, feel free to visit the official government page of U.S. consular affairs RE: Passports.



The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative WHTI


The WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative) tightened regulations on id requirements at US border crossings after the September 11th terrorist attacks.


It outlines the acceptable forms of id for children and adults to enter or reenter the United States by air, land, and sea.


In 2007, passports became required for all persons flying into the United States because of this law. In 2008, another of its provision made oral declarations of citizenship at ports and border crossings a thing of the past.


In 2009 a passport or other form of WHTI-compliant id became required at all US border crossings of both land and sea.


Once you've gotten all of the proper documentation together for travel, click on the following button or give us a call to set up your Mexico car insurance policy.




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