All Drivers Traveling into Mexico MUST Purchase an Official Mexico Insurance Policy




 All Drivers Traveling into Mexico

MUST Purchase an Official

Mexico Insurance Policy

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 Travel Information for Mexico


It’s very important to stay informed about travel conditions in the country you are visiting as they relate to both physical and political climate.


Unfortunately, conditions as they stand in Mexico are not the safest, making it even more important to stay abreast of Mexican travel information in order to avoid getting caught in a dangerous or risky situation.


This article will share several resources which people traveling in Mexico can use to stay safe and aware during their trip south of the border. 


Us Embassies and the US Embassy Website 

Quite possibly the most thorough resource on Mexico travel information, this official website of the US Embassies throughout Mexico has everything. 

Included in the official safety notices about travel in Mexico are notices about everything from drug cartel activity to the recent volcanic activity of Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano. 

Visit the official US Embassies website to learn about:

  • Travel Warnings
  • Customs Rules
  • Passport and other document information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Scams
  • Birth and Death Documentation
  • Even information on adopting children. 


Documents and Identification


Visit our separate article on documents and identification for travelling to and from Mexico here.

There are new rules concerning what forms of id are acceptable at border crossings by land and sea, and most U.S. citizens driving from Mexico will require an official U.S. passport to get back into the country.

To learn more about documentation requirements click on the link above or call 1-800-771-7758 for an instant and free consultation with a helpful and courteous insurance agent.